This Wall Street boss swears: his Bitcoins, which are worth millions, will not be sold „before 100 years“…

He has eyes only for Bitcoin – Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, has been a constant praiser of Bitcoin (BTC) since his company acquired tens of thousands of Bitcoins. He now claims to be a fierce HODLer, as he doesn’t intend to part with it for a very long time to come.

Bitcoin, the new global monetary standard
In a recent interview with Real Vision Finance, Michael Saylor explains that the decision by MicroStrategy’s management to invest in Bitcoin is aimed at restructuring the company’s cash position.

The businessman admits that he is concerned about the fragility of the global economy – based on the hegemony of the dollar as a reserve currency – and has been working with his teams to find assets that would provide a long-term reserve of value.

That’s when they decided to bet on Bitcoin:

„It’s not for speculation…. It is a deliberate corporate strategy to adopt the Bitcoin standard (…) [Bitcoin] is the best guarantee in the world. »

Investing in Bitcoin, a question of sustainability?
The MicroStrategy CEO’s overwhelming enthusiasm for Bitcoin does not stop there. Indeed, he begins by denouncing fiat currencies, such as the dollar, saying that if you try to hold $100 million over 100 years, „you will lose 99%“ of it in terms of purchasing power.

That’s why Michael Saylor also seems to want to adopt the HODL technique so dear to the cryptosphere:

„(…) this is the long-term mindset. I’m buying it for the guy who’s going to work for the guy who’s going to be hired by the guy who’s going to take over my job in 100 years. »

This overflowing optimism for Bitcoin, especially from an executive of an international company, is nice to see.

At the same time, given the huge amount of money MicroStrategy has committed to Bitcoin, it’s better to be optimistic. But if all this is the beginning of a big flow of funds, of a (very) partial migration of the treasuries of some (convinced) multinationals to Bitcoin, Michael Saylor may well have made the winning bet.