Aptos Soars 13% Despite Price Manipulation Allegations

• Aptos (APT) rises 13.34% despite 4.54 million APT tokens unlocked yesterday.
• Aptos plans to host an NFT Roundtable event on Twitter Spaces as well as Move Language workshops for upcoming developers.
• Crypto traders on Twitter are calling out the blockchain newcomer, alleging it’s a „Goddamn scam“ and that whales deliberately pump it.

Aptos Gains 13% Despite Price Manipulation Allegations

Aptos (APT) has gained 13.34% daily despite allegations of price manipulation by crypto traders on Twitter yesterday when 4.54 million APT tokens were unlocked. The unicorn born in a bear market achieved its all-time high of $19.82 two months ago, and is now looking to onboard new projects through an NFT Roundtable event on Twitter Spaces and several Move Language workshops for upcoming developers in Bangalore, India last weekend.

Crypto Twitter Takes It Out On Aptos

The success of the emerging alternative cryptocurrency Aptos was recently overshadowed by controversy when Coinage Media released an episode exclusively dedicated to the market newcomer where popular crypto YouTuber Gabriel Haines alleged that it’s a „Goddamn scam,“ and pointed out that whales on Crypto Twitter deliberately pumped it up with no real reason behind its existence other than to put money in the pockets of wealthy venture capitalists. This sentiment was echoed by crypto trader Multichain Madman who remarked, „Aptos has to be the most obviously manipulated large crypto.“ This follows January’s 420% price rally which prompted criticism from Crypto Twitter at the time too.

Unicorn Born In Bear Market

Since its late 2022 launch, Aptos has reached several milestones including being the first blockchain enterprise to adopt Move technology, hosting several educational events such as Move Language workshops for upcoming developers in Bangalore, India and planning a Twitter Spaces NFT roundtable event featuring representatives from SPOOKS, Aptos Monkeys and Lemour Lounge.

Price Pumping Accusations

The accusations made against Aptos suggest that whales are pumping prices without any real legitimate reason or purpose behind their actions other than profiteering off unsuspecting investors and enthusiasts alike who may not be aware they’re being taken advantage of – something that could potentially have long term implications for both investor confidence in cryptocurrencies as well as trust between members of the wider community if left unchecked or unaddressed by authorities or governing bodies such as FINRA or SEC..

What Lies Ahead?

It remains uncertain what lies ahead for this young digital currency project but one thing is clear: with more scrutiny coming from both financial regulators and industry veterans alike – not to mention increased competition from other altcoins – there will certainly be plenty of challenges ahead if it hopes to remain relevant within the space going forward into 2023 and beyond!

Rise of NFT Wash Trading: What’s the Point and How Does It Help?

• NFT Wash Trading is a form of market manipulation where buyers and sellers are the same person in order to create misleading data and inflate trading volumes.
• Wash trading isn’t exclusive to digital currencies and can also be seen in traditional assets like stocks.
• There are various incentives for traders to engage in wash trading, such as token airdrops or increased rewards from brokerages.

What Is NFT Wash Trading?

NFT Wash Trading is the practice of exchanging non-fungible tokens (NFTs) between two accounts controlled by the same person or entity, either directly or indirectly. It involves creating false market data by engaging in buy and sell orders simultaneously with one’s own funds, thus artificially inflating volume figures. This type of market manipulation has become increasingly common since generous $BLUR token airdrops and 0% fees on leading NFT marketplaces started appearing.

Why Does Crypto and NFT Wash Trading Happen?

Wash trading can be used to incentivize users through various ways such as receiving greater rewards from brokerages or participating in token airdrops. In some cases, wallets have made over 800 sales to self-financed wallets according to Chainalysis – which suggests that wash trading is being used for profit by some people involved in crypto markets. Additionally, Forbes analysis showed that over 50% of Bitcoin trade volume may be faked, revealing that wash trading happens even on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Blurry Line Between Savvy Trading Activity & Market Manipulation

Although there are certain benefits associated with wash trading, it brings up ethical questions about whether it should be allowed or not due to its manipulative nature. At what point does savvy trading activity turn into market manipulation? This question remains unanswered with no clear answer yet – as regulators focus on detecting fraudulent activities within the crypto space by looking more closely at suspicious trades and transactions happening across various exchanges and platforms.

Regulatory Focus on NFT Markets

As non-fungible tokens evolve from simple JPEGs into genuine financial instruments, regulators pay attention to their markets too – particularly when it comes to detecting signs of fraud such as wash trades happening across them. So far, their efforts have been successful in flagging suspicious activity but they must remain vigilant if they want to protect investors from any potential harm caused by malicious actors who aim at manipulating prices for their own gain without considering others‘ wellbeing or best interests.


NFT Wash Trading is an issue that needs further exploration due to its potentially negative effects on the integrity of digital asset markets if left unchecked. Regulations need to keep up with developments in blockchain technology so that investors can feel safe knowing their funds aren’t subject to fraudulent practices like wash trades – while also allowing legitimate traders ample opportunity for making profits without having undue influence over the price movements of cryptocurrencies or other assets traded online today.

Dogecoin Flips Binance USD: Crypto History Made as BUSD Loses 50% Market Cap

• Dogecoin surpasses Binance USD (BUSD) for the first time in global market cap.
• BUSD has been in the hot seat this month due to SEC forbidding Paxos from minting new coins and Circle’s allegations of mismanagement.
• BUSD’s market cap has dropped from $22.5 billion to $11.4 billion since November 2022.

Dogecoin Overtakes Binance USD

Dogecoin (DOGE) has reclaimed its spot in the TOP 10 by global market capitalization after surpassing the popular open-source memecoin, Binance USD (BUSD). DOGE slipped by 2.2% despite its unusual achievement.

Circle Accuses Binance of Misdirected Management

Close competitors Circle recently informed the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about alleged mismanagement of the Paxos-issued stablecoin, which led to $3 billion of BUSD moving away in 6 days. This was 10 days after a Dogecoin Foundation member warned all Dogecoin holders about BUSD and advised them to switch to a DeFi solution instead.

Binance Delists USDC

In September, leading crypto platform Binance delisted USD Coin (USDC), automatically converting all assets to BUSD instead as it served as the default cryptocurrency in their user interface for a while then. Two months later, Circle admitted that quarterly losses and miscalculations in the balance were directly attributable to this delisting of USDC.

SEC Forbids Paxos from Producing More Stablecoins

The official ban on minting new stablecoins issued by Paxos cut down on Binance USD’s global market capitalization from 22 billion dollars on November 27th, 2022 to 11 billion dollars today – February 24th, 2023 at 5 PM GMT . Most of these funds were moved into Tether’s USDT coin instead with its own global cap increasing by over 2 billion dollars within that same timeframe – going up from 67 billion dollars to 70 billion dollars currently today .

Landscape Shifting

The recent events have caused significant changes within the cryptocurrency landscape with both USDC’s and BUSD’s respective Global Market Caps decreasing drastically as well as Tether’s increasing significantly – presenting an interesting shift overall across multiple digital assets within such a short period of time – specially considering how DOGE managed to overtake them so quickly with its own success story amidst all this chaos at large .

Create Stylish Emotes for Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 for MANA Rewards!

• Decentraland has announced an emote contest ahead of its second annual Metaverse Fashion Week.
• Participants can submit up to three emotes and can only claim one prize.
• Prize winners will receive 800 MANA for first place, 600 MANA for second to fifth place, and their emotes will be featured in the Community Fashion Show.

Decentraland Hosts Emote Contest

Decentraland has announced it is holding an emote contest ahead of its second annual Metaverse Fashion Week. Players can participate in the event to win fun and exciting awards. Get your Emotes ready for the runway!

Submission Details

Starting February 16, participants can participate until March 20th in the Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 Emote event. Decentraland will feature the first-place winning emote in the Community Fashion Show and distribute 800 MANA to them. The metaverse will also be rewarding the second to fifth-place winning emote with 600 MANA. All participants must publish their emotes in the Marketplace and submit their best and most unique emotes for the runway by filling out a dedicated form provided by Decentraland.

Rules & Regulations

Here’s a quick rundown of rules; Emote must be approved and published in the DCL marketplace before the contest deadline They should be Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 related and intended for the runway Participants can submit up to three emotes and can only claim one prize By submitting emotes, contestants consent to Decentraland using their submissions for marketing Creators must share their email with Decentraland, so Decentraland can contact them if their submission has won

Judges & Prizes

Shibu, Art Director at Decentalnd, Isa Souza Gomes , 3D animator at Decentalnd, PeanutButta Community Manager at Decentalnd are judging this competition.. First place winner receive 800 Mana as reward while 2nd -5th place will receive 600 Mana as reward . Winners‘ emote is featured in community fashion show


The competition offers great rewards which encourages creators to get into fashion week mood . So hurry up , fill out form and get your best stylish sassy catwalk ready on time .

Help Türkiye in Need: Donate Crypto to Earthquake Relief Efforts

• OKX has launched a campaign to support the earthquake relief efforts in Türkiye, inviting the global crypto community to contribute using various cryptocurrencies.
• OKX is matching contributions up to ₺1 million, and funds will be transferred to relief organizations AHBAP and AFAD for necessary medical aid, food, water, shelter and reconstruction supplies.
• This highlights the potential for cryptocurrency to bring individuals from all over the world together for a common cause.

OKX Launches Community Campaign to Aid Türkiye

The global crypto community has been presented with an opportunity to make a difference in Türkiye following the recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake near its border with northern Syria. OKX is facilitating a platform for individuals globally to contribute and support the earthquake victims using cryptocurrency.

Contributions Welcome

OKX is inviting contributions of USDT (ERC20 and TRC20), BTC, ETH, and OKB/OKT tokens with matching funds up to one million Turkish lira. Paymount will convert the contributions from cryptocurrency into USDT before being converted into Lira at 4pm GMT daily. The funds will then be sent at 4:30pm to relief organizations AHBAP and AFAD who are providing medical aid, food, water, shelter and reconstruction supplies for those affected by the disaster.

Cryptocurrency as Humanitarian Aid

This demonstrates how cryptocurrency can be used as an effective tool for humanitarian efforts despite conversion rates or access issues that may hinder traditional methods of aid in disaster-stricken areas. It also shows how cryptocurrency can bring individuals from all around the world together for a common cause.

How To Contribute

Those interested can find more information on OKX’s website where they can also make their contribution using various cryptocurrencies listed above.

Making a Difference

It is not too late to make a difference through this campaign launched by OKX – your contribution could save lives in Türkiye during this difficult time.

Silvergate Stock Plunges Amid DOJ Probe Over FTX, Alameda Ties

• Silvergate’s (SI) stock dropped 28% yesterday after news broke that the bank is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice for its ties to FTX and Alameda Research.
• The DOJ is trying to determine if Silvergate knew about the alleged fraud at FTX and Alameda before they filed for bankruptcy.
• Silvergate has lost 90% of its value since its all-time high, and it recently reported a $1 billion loss in Q4 last year due to a massive bank run.

DOJ Investigates Silvergate Over Ties With FTX and Alameda

Silvergate’s (SI) stock crashed 28% yesterday after Bloomberg reported that the bank is facing a probe by the U. S. Department of Justice over its ties with FTX and Alameda Research. SI had erased massive gains from earlier this week when Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell made dovish remarks on inflation.

Alameda Opened an Account With Silvergate in 2018

The DOJ investigation centers around whether Silvergate was aware of the situation at Sam Bankman-Fried’s businesses before they went bankrupt. According to reports, Alameda opened an account with Silvergate in 2018 — a year before FTX was launched — but it appears that Silvergate did not conduct enough due diligence or ongoing monitoring of Alameda’s activities which led to fraudulent activity eventually leading up to their bankruptcy filing last November.

Silvergate Experienced Mass Bank Run in Q4 Last Year

When FTX went bust last year, it prompted a mass bank run at Silvergate resulting in over $8 billion being withdrawn from the bank in Q4 alone — leading to losses amounting to $1 billion during that quarter as well as layoffs of 40% staff members and taking out multiple loans including one from the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB).

U.S Senators Call Bank Risk To Traditional Banking System

Several U.S senators have called upon regulators and other government entities like FINRA, SEC, FED etc., to look into what risks does SI pose on traditional banking system by allowing crypto related activities on their platform? They also raised concerns about how robots can be used at banks instead of humans, so that these kinds of problems could be avoided in future scenarios?

Investors Remain Cautious Until Probe Concludes

Investors remain cautious until official results come out regarding this investigation, meaning SI may not see any substantial price increase until then even though it has bounced back slightly since crashing initially following news reports about this probe by DOJ..

California DMV Partners with Tezos to Combat Title Fraud with Blockchain

• The California DMV is partnering with Tezos and Oxhead Alpha to create a private blockchain to manage vehicle titles.
• The distributed ledger would help the DMV combat title fraud and enable owners to transfer ownership of vehicles through the blockchain.
• Blockchain tech is being embraced by both private and public institutions for its potential use cases in government.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is taking a leap into the world of blockchain technology. The agency is partnering with Tezos blockchain and crypto software firm Oxhead Alpha to create a private version of the Tezos blockchain to manage vehicle titles.

The distributed ledger would contain all data from the state’s database, which would help the agency combat title fraud. It would also enable owners to transfer ownership of vehicles through the blockchain. This could potentially revolutionize the DMV experience and drastically reduce wait times.

Ajay Gupta, the chief digital officer at the California DMV, revealed the collaboration in an interview with Fortune. Gupta said the agency hopes to create its own „shadow ledger“ in the next three months. After that, the DMV would be ready to build customer-facing applications.

Blockchain technology has become increasingly popular in recent years. It has many potential use cases in government and is being embraced by both private and public institutions. Many experts believe blockchain will play a major role in the future of government technology.

The DMV blockchain network is just one example that highlights the potential use cases for blockchain tech in government. For instance, blockchain software firm ConsenSys details several DLT use cases in government ranging from digital identity management to smart contracts.

The agency hopes the project will help it combat the perception that it’s lagging in tech. If successful, the partnership between the DMV and Tezos could be a turning point in the way the agency operates. Long lines at the DMV may soon be a thing of the past, at least in California.

Go Green for Good Health – The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

• The article discusses the importance of a plant-based diet for good health and the environment.
• It outlines the benefits of a plant-based diet, including lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.
• It also highlights the environmental benefits of a plant-based diet, including lower water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

A plant-based diet is a form of nutrition that emphasizes the consumption of plant-based foods, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes, while limiting or eliminating animal-based products such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. This diet is becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious individuals due to its numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that regularly consuming plant-based foods can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. In addition, a plant-based diet can also help to reduce the risk of obesity, and has been found to be beneficial for those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

In addition to the health benefits, a plant-based diet also has numerous environmental benefits. As animal products require more resources such as water and land to produce, a plant-based diet can help to reduce the environmental impact of food production. Plant-based foods are also more efficient in terms of energy, with estimates showing that they require significantly less energy to produce than animal-based products. Furthermore, plant-based diets have been linked with lower greenhouse gas emissions, as the production of animal-based products is responsible for a large portion of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

A plant-based diet can also be beneficial for personal finances, as plant-based foods tend to be cheaper than animal-based products. This makes it easier for individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still being able to afford healthy foods.

In summary, a plant-based diet has numerous benefits for both personal health and the environment. It is rich in essential nutrients and can help to reduce the risk of certain diseases, as well as reduce the environmental impact of food production. For those looking to improve their health or reduce their environmental impact, a plant-based diet is an excellent option.

EBC Blockchain Convention Announces Global Media Partner: MarketAcross

• MarketAcross has joined the upcoming European Blockchain Convention (EBC) as its main global media partner.
• The event is expected to welcome over 2,500 attendees and will feature over 200 high-profile industry figures.
• New to this year’s event will be an exhibition area consisting of stands for over 30 sponsors and out-of-hours networking opportunities.

Chainwire, a leading blockchain marketing firm, announced that it has partnered with the upcoming European Blockchain Convention (EBC) as its main global media partner. This year’s edition is expected to be the largest since the event launched in 2018, and it will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Barcelona between 15-17 February.

The three-day event will welcome over 2,500 attendees, including blockchain developers and users, those involved in DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and blockchain gaming. It will feature over 200 high-profile industry figures such as Bittrex CEO Oliver Linch, Aave founder Stani Kulechov, Solana co-founder Stephen Akridge, and Santander’s Head of Crypto Coty de Monteverde.

In addition to the speakers and their talks, MarketAcross will manage pre and post-event marketing efforts, leveraging its vast network of thought leaders and speakers to raise the profile of the Barcelona event worldwide. The convention will also inaugurate the EBC Blockchain Awards, an award system in recognition of the top 100 early-stage startups currently operating in Europe. After a month of public voting, ten finalists will be selected to pitch to a jury panel of investors during the event.

New to this year’s event will be an exhibition area consisting of stands for over 30 of the event’s sponsors. Attendees will have the chance to get to know the companies and learn more about their services. To make the most of the networking opportunities available, there will be a special networking event on 15 February and two parties with live music and drinks on 16 and 17 February.

With its vast network of thought leaders and speakers, MarketAcross is in an ideal position to raise the profile of the Barcelona event worldwide. The firm’s blockchain PR and marketing efforts will ensure that the event is as successful as possible and that attendees have the best possible experience.

Crypto Events by Decrypt: Blockchain Insights & Industry Leaders

• Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler was interviewed by Decrypt’s Jason Nelson at 0xpo Crossroads in San Francisco on November 3.
• The Crypties 2022 awards gala was held in December 2022 at Art Basel in Miami.
• Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman and a panel of venture capitalists discussed raising money even during Crypto Winter at 0xpo Summit in San Francisco on November 3.

At 0xpo Crossroads in San Francisco on November 3, Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler sat down with Decrypt’s Jason Nelson to tell his Web3 origin story and Blocknative’s business—plus misconceptions in the crypto space. This was the start of a series of live events hosted by Decrypt, including the inaugural Crypties awards gala in December 2022 at Art Basel in Miami. Hosted by Josh Ostrovsky („The Fat Jewish“) and sponsored by a range of crypto projects, statuettes were awarded in nine categories.

In addition, Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman spoke onstage at Web Summit in Lisbon about how the Tezos blockchain has used a proof-of-stake mechanism since its inception, her admiration for Tendermint, Ethereum and sharding, progressive decentralization, and NFT gaming with Decrypt’s Stephen Graves.

At 0xpo Summit in San Francisco on November 3, Clay Robbins of Slow Ventures, Soona Amhaz of Volt Capital, Sarah Guo of Conviction and formerly Greylock, and Alex Strzesniewski of AngelBlock joined Decrypt’s Jason Nelson for an extensive panel on raising venture money even during Crypto Winter. The panel discussed the current state of the crypto market, the importance of having a sound business model, and how to ensure investors are confident in a project’s potential.

These live events are a testament to the growing interest in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. With the help of Decrypt, attendees have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and gain insight into the latest trends and innovations. As the crypto space continues to evolve, Decrypt’s live events will be a primary source of knowledge and experience.