Aptos Soars 13% Despite Price Manipulation Allegations

• Aptos (APT) rises 13.34% despite 4.54 million APT tokens unlocked yesterday.
• Aptos plans to host an NFT Roundtable event on Twitter Spaces as well as Move Language workshops for upcoming developers.
• Crypto traders on Twitter are calling out the blockchain newcomer, alleging it’s a „Goddamn scam“ and that whales deliberately pump it.

Aptos Gains 13% Despite Price Manipulation Allegations

Aptos (APT) has gained 13.34% daily despite allegations of price manipulation by crypto traders on Twitter yesterday when 4.54 million APT tokens were unlocked. The unicorn born in a bear market achieved its all-time high of $19.82 two months ago, and is now looking to onboard new projects through an NFT Roundtable event on Twitter Spaces and several Move Language workshops for upcoming developers in Bangalore, India last weekend.

Crypto Twitter Takes It Out On Aptos

The success of the emerging alternative cryptocurrency Aptos was recently overshadowed by controversy when Coinage Media released an episode exclusively dedicated to the market newcomer where popular crypto YouTuber Gabriel Haines alleged that it’s a „Goddamn scam,“ and pointed out that whales on Crypto Twitter deliberately pumped it up with no real reason behind its existence other than to put money in the pockets of wealthy venture capitalists. This sentiment was echoed by crypto trader Multichain Madman who remarked, „Aptos has to be the most obviously manipulated large crypto.“ This follows January’s 420% price rally which prompted criticism from Crypto Twitter at the time too.

Unicorn Born In Bear Market

Since its late 2022 launch, Aptos has reached several milestones including being the first blockchain enterprise to adopt Move technology, hosting several educational events such as Move Language workshops for upcoming developers in Bangalore, India and planning a Twitter Spaces NFT roundtable event featuring representatives from SPOOKS, Aptos Monkeys and Lemour Lounge.

Price Pumping Accusations

The accusations made against Aptos suggest that whales are pumping prices without any real legitimate reason or purpose behind their actions other than profiteering off unsuspecting investors and enthusiasts alike who may not be aware they’re being taken advantage of – something that could potentially have long term implications for both investor confidence in cryptocurrencies as well as trust between members of the wider community if left unchecked or unaddressed by authorities or governing bodies such as FINRA or SEC..

What Lies Ahead?

It remains uncertain what lies ahead for this young digital currency project but one thing is clear: with more scrutiny coming from both financial regulators and industry veterans alike – not to mention increased competition from other altcoins – there will certainly be plenty of challenges ahead if it hopes to remain relevant within the space going forward into 2023 and beyond!